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Scouts: Behind the Scenes of Summer Camp 2011

posted 22 Jul 2011, 23:43 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:02 ]
Patrol Site at Summer Camp
Today Scouts from 3rd Washington and 1st Fatfield will be setting off for our biggest ever green field camp. It's taken a lot of organisation to prepare the adventure for the 64 young people and adult leaders and here's the work the adult team behind the camp have completed before we're even left Washington. Even with a team of 10 there's a lot to do.

The planning starts more than 6 months before the event as ith campsite and minibuses bookings and a drafted budget.

With 3 months to go, we're developing programme, booking the big activities and developing a logistics plan.

1 month to go and letters are out to parents, we're getting a feeling of numbers and revising the budgets and programme plans to fit. Details of our in house activities are being finalised and our equipment is being checked.

1 week to go and it's all hands to the deck, our detailed plans are complete, menu in place and our numbers confirmed. Shopping and loading are the main jobs to do, but there's also sourcing prizes, building incident hike checkpoints and printing and laminating still to complete. We've a food budget circa £2.5k so it's more than your normal ASDA shop and you can imagine the suprise for the checkout lady when we come through! We're also out and about bulk buying where possible. The night before camp it's van loading time and the team shifts a fair few tonnes of gear between them.

Summer Camp is made possible by a committed team of adult volunteers with the support of parents and young leaders. We can't wait to see the fruits of our labour as we set off for a cracking week of adventure.