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Scouts: Badgefest Adventures Continues...

posted 4 Jul 2011, 12:36 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:02 by Stephen Harrison ]
Scouts' badgefest adventure programme continued last Tuesday with visits to the quayside, bike rides, texture sketching, stilts, plate-spinning, shelter building and more paper targets being shot in the bullseye.

Scouts' Badge Choices Online and to Download

Tuesday saw the photographers badge turn to architecture for some photographic inspiration with the quayside on the agenda. Once there, scouts were let loose around the quayside to pick out the very best examples of both modern and older types of structure. As the photographers badge is slowly building a very impressive portfolio of photos, next week we hit Rainton Meadows for some close-up nature pics.

Cyclists also experienced their first cycling adventure with a local route to Cox Green and Penshaw planned however, it didn't go to plan with the extra keen group as they arrived early and had to re-route their journey and saw some more toughening uphills and some very rewarding downhills too!

Some badges however wrapped up their adventure this week in preparation for more badge opportunities next week: Circus Skills concluded with an eyebrow raising performance when they ramped up the kit to stilts, devil sticks, plate spinning and diabolos. A monster performance was performed with the help from a professional.

Tuesday was also the night where our Bear-Grylls-Wannabes wrapped up their survival prep. and built shelters and cooked some rather wild food (including the infamous summer camp dish of Nettle Tea) in preparation for their survival weekend next weekend where our foresty friends will be building their shelters, sleeping in them and cooking a very special wild dish.

Next week, we see 2 new badges appear; for the musically creative- Musician. And for the patient, Angler.

Scouts' Badge Choices Online and to Download