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Scouts: Badgefest Adventure Launch...

posted 21 Jun 2011, 23:48 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:02 by Stephen Harrison ]
Cycling, shooting, facepainting, drawing, painting, surviving, singing, playing, cooking and composing it certainly was a busy week as we kicked off our Summer 2011 badgefest programme! This is certainly a special programme as Scout have chosen which badges they want to be part of.

Chef's badge started with a starter (as you might expect). Our professional chef helped our budding cooks to create a culinary delight and everyone was very pleased with the taste and creaminess of their soup.

It's not often that you can accuse us of clowning around, but with our circus skills group, I think we can be excused. The night was full of creativity as scouts designed their own flower to squirt water at unsuspecting friends and donned their make up. Next week Scouts will be learning to juggle, spin plates and walk on stilts.

The first week of photography badge aimed to teach Scouts some of the basics including some simple techniques such as the rule of thirds. This week was all about experimenting, Scouts working to take some excellent portraits and playing with macros (taking some really close up shots) to get some stunning close up pictures. Next week photographer's badge will be out on Newcastle Quayside. We're really hoping for some spectacular weather!

Scouts who've been inspired by our current Chief Scout Bear Grylls chose the survival badge. Scouts learned about various plants in the wild which could possibly mean the difference between surviving or not. Next week, Scouts will be shelter building, ready for an overnighter next month.

This week the cycling group have been doing the essential preparation for three weeks of based adventure. Now that the 8 Scouts can mend a puncture and sort their brakes, the group is ready to go. Next week we're out along the river for a 10 mile ride.

Our budding Picassos and Monets started their artist's badge, beginning with a week of textures and building towards amazing artwork at the end of the badge! Look out for the pictures going on display at parent's night.

If this wasn't enough to keep us busy, later in the programme, we'll have Scouts fishing, singing and entertaining.

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