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Scouts: A Very Messy Christmas

posted 17 Dec 2011, 03:49 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 6 Sep 2013, 14:26 ]
Scouts Mummies Christmas Party GameScout Enjoys Christmas Party GameThere ain't no party like our Christmas party as Scouts found out this week as we threw our annual Christmas Bash

As is traditional, the party manic and messy and we made the most of the opportunity to wind our PLs up (all in good humour!). Setting the tone for the night at St Andrew's, Carl welcomed everyone and called PLs up to receive instructions for the first game, only to cover them with silly string.

The games kicked off with pass the parcel, Matty and Callum won some very festive hats during pass the parcel, who knew we had a little elf among us. The mummies game quickly followed and Matty's patrol produced a mummy that would have made any Egyptian proud.

Scout is a Little ElfAt St Andrew's, we tried a new game called Cheetos face where Patrol had to stick Cereal to their patrol leader's face, our PLs were particularly good sports covered in squirty cream.This was quickly followed by the Mars bar game.

The final game of the night was the welcome return of the Angel Delight game, another Christmas Party favourite and yet another messy game. If you've never played the game before, it starts with a "sand castle" of flour with a sweet on top, players take it in turns to slice away a section of the castle and if the castle falls, you have to eat the sweet without using your hands. As a forfeit, you then have to find a sweet in the angel delight (or porridge) without using your hands again. Try keeping a steady hand as you cut the flour while your patrol are willing you to knock it over!

Huge thanks to all of the Young Leaders, Adult Leaders and parent helpers who helped to make the night a huge success!

Next week is the final week of the Christmas Programme and we're off to the Ice Rink. Meet at St Andrew's Church at 7pm, wrap up warm, and know your shoe size.