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Scouts: Adventure Takes Off

posted 14 Feb 2010, 12:53 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:02 ]
Today adventure took to the skies as 3rd Washington Scouts had a gliding experience at Sutton Bank with the Yorkshire Gliding Club.
Scouts got to take turns to go up with a training pilot. For most the nerve racking time was as they were given a parachute and strapped into the glider not really knowing what to expect from the flight. As we sat in the glider waiting for the tug plane we got a quick safety briefing so that we knew what do if something went wrong and then the canopy was pulled down. This was it.

The tug was hooked up and the glider was towed across the field bouncing on the bumpy ground until finally taking off. Towed to 2000 feet, the pilot then released the row rope and scouts experience the serenity and peacefulness of the skies. Looking down the views were amazing, looking out to see what looked like model villages and cars and to see the white horse on the descent back to the airfield.

Once up in the air scouts were given the opportunity  to take control of the glider and experience the sensitivity of the controls and to have a go at doing some turns. Turns out it’s so much harder than Flight Sim, although maybe that’s because you don’t experience the movement sitting on your sofa. Once we’d had a go at flying the pilot expertly brought us back to land. (and to the warmth of the club house which served excellent bacon butties)

The good weather today certainly made up for the disappointment of yesterday where the snow and wind prevented scouts from flying.

Today was unique and has to be the adventure of the year so far!
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