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Scouts: Adventure Packed Day @ Rock UK

posted 2 Aug 2011, 15:40 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:02 ]
Scout with Summer Camp T-Shirt  Back Visible4 days into our big adventure, we’ve already conquered Glentress Forest, Canoed, Climbed and Hiked. Not to mention the brilliant 300m Zip Wire @ Rock UK.

Tuesday was spent at Rock UK and the anticipation for the adventure was huge. Scouts took turns to try kayaking or canoeing, climbing  or highropes and the 300m zip wire which was for many the highlight. Arriving at the adventure centre, the excitement turned up a notch, we split everyone into groups and off we went.

Everyone got to go on the zippingly fast 300m zip wire which saw people face their fears. Bethany English, aged 11, shouted “I’m certainly not going down that”, after some encouragement, she proclaimed “this is awesome, can I go straight back up?!”. From the massive wire above, others on the ground heard some terrifying screams and 3rd Washington leader, Carl, came bouncing into the end and forgot to land on his feet!

Groups spent a couple of hours on the water getting to grips with canoeing or kayaking and playing some water based games. “Canoeing was definitely harder than I expected but so much rewarding as it is all about the teamwork.” says Jess, aged 12, "definately more fun than kayaking on your own."

On the high ropes and climbing activities, Scouts were challenged to push themselves just that bit further. Scouts on the high ropes activity were challenged to 'take a leap of faith' which involved climbing up to a platform and jumping for a trapeeze bar metres above the ground. This certainly tested our nerves! Some of our older Scouts also proved they can work well as a team as Ryan and Ross conquered the jacobs ladder activity working together to reach the top and proving themselves to be the biggest monkeys in the troop.

Rock UK also provided us with showers and... Flushing toilets! A great day was had by everyone.

Wednesday brings more adventure with cooking on an open fire as well as clay pigeon shooting... Watch this space to see more of the adventure as it unfolds.