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Cubs: Yeeha at Wild West Cub Camp

posted 30 Jun 2012, 11:34 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:07 ]
Riding the Rodeo at Cub Camp Wild West
Decorating a Teepee at Cub Camp Wild WestAn awesome rodeo ridin', teepee buildin', quoit chuckin', sharp shootin', boot scootin', line dancin' weekend was enjoyed by 150 cubs and adults from 3rd Washington and across Houghton-Le-Spring district at Dilston Creek.

The district cub camp was packed full of activities and the fun didn't stop from the moment the music kicked in on the Friday night. Dilston Creek knew how to party.

The highlight of the weekend has to be the bucking bull, where cubs clung on for dear life as it tried to shake them off - yeeha! The leaders had a go too, but the cubs were definately better hanging on for much longer.

Everyone had the chance to get creative, decorating a huge teepee and making their very own dream catcher. The teepee looked fantastic once the outerskin was laid over the wooden poles and it stood upright. If you've never seen a dream catcher before, it's a loop of wood with spiders web like strands running across it. Native Americans believe that the devices had the power to change dreams.
All dressed up at Cub Camp Wild West

At the saloon, cubs proved they were on target by shooting bottles on the brilliant wild west bar built the Eppleton, a piece of the wild west transported to Dilston campsite.

It was great to see cubs from across Houghton-Le-Spring district having such a great time together and thats part of the reason it was such a fantastic weekend.

You can now check out the photos from the weekend in our gallery.

Houghton-le-Spring Scout District  provides support to six scout groups and two explorer scout units in the Hetton, Houghton and Washington areas of the City of Sunderland. Scout Groups at Eppleton, Houghton, Herrington, Fatfield, North Washington and Washington Village along with North and South Explorers make up the almost 700 members, the district has grown year on year since 2001.