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Cubs @ Oxclose: Time to Moonwalk!

posted 2 Oct 2012, 15:13 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:07 by Stephen Harrison ]
Celebrating 'Astronaut Fashion Week', this week it was for Cubs @ Oxclose to create the most amazing, creative, out of this world fashion designs for their model astronaut to then pose when taking on the catwalk, strutting their latest designs.

Presented with nothing more than recycled goods, Cubs had to turn everything into fashion accessories, from paper moustaches to plastic-bottle high heels - two truly innovative designs. Cubs were also challenged to fully kit out their 'astronaut' with the best tech throughout the
galaxy for them then to parade their designs on an upbeat catwalk fashion show.

As the designs started to take shape, it was clear that the creativity was in full flow and leaders began looking less and less like leaders, and more and more like fully qualified astronauts wearing nothing but the latest in technology (and a few other odd contraptions!). The night culminated when beavers were invited to come join in with the celebration when all 4 'astronauts' were presenting their groups ideas on a catwalk. As the 'astronauts' strutted their stuff, cubs, beavers and adults cheered them on before a traditional speech by the group leader "to infinity and beyond". 

Cubs rounded off their night with a surprise dance-off and a truly spectacular night was had by all. See photos and videos in the photos zone.

Cubs are aged 8-10 and through scouting seek to fulfil their potential as young people through active and creative programmes, all of which, seek to push young people's creative, physical and intellectual boundaries.