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Cubs @ Oxclose: Riding the Flow of Adventure

posted 18 Sep 2011, 13:46 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:07 by Stephen Harrison ]
Cub enjoys Flow Rider as part of balanced programme
Cubs saw the epic return of their 'Get Outdoors' programme last Tuesday with it all kicking back off with 3 groups doing 3 breathtaking, dramatic and squeamish activities.

Some Cubs visited the Flow Rider at Heworth Leisure Centre to ride the waves of summer just one last time. As the water was turned on, cubs' mouth's dropped as they saw the instructor surfing like a pro on the wave. However, as cubs found out, it certainly is a challenge to even stay on the board!

As Cubs just started to get the hang of moving from one side to the other, the instructor set down a new challenge, drop from the top and ride down the wave. Sounds pretty straight forward, but it's quite hard to catch the water so that you don't hit the bottom. Upping the skill level again, Cubs were challenged to get onto their knees on the board, a test of balance, I for one would be holding on for dear life.

Cubs @ the Flow Rider is part of the balanced programme offered to our Cubs section. Next week we've got another group at the wave and while others enjoy Cubs Dine With Me and I'm a Cub Scout Get Me Out of Here  . Every snap (and video) of our adventures are now online in the Photos Zone and our YouTube channel.