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Cubs @ Oxclose: Night at the Haunted House

posted 31 Oct 2010, 15:01 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:07 ]
Last Tuesday, cubs from Oxclose celebrated Halloween with a spooky night at Moor House.

The night started with a some spooky games: first cubs played mummies which saw teams 'mummify' one of their members as quick as possible. Then Cubs tried the traditional Halloween game of apple-bobbing. Just as the game was finishing Mick (leader) ran over to the cubs, out of breath.

The mood quickly changed, something felt different about the air, there was a chill, the kind that  sends a shudder down your spine! 

Cubs huddled close together to see why Mick was out of breath and to their horror, he announced that there had been a 'murder'...the Pack went silent. 

Cubs looked astounded but were brave and set off into the night to investigate the gruesome events.

As Cubs entered the woods they discovered the 'body parts' of a man had been bagged up. Cubs put their hands into each bag to identify the home-made body parts and screamed as they found his heart (from the local butcher), his hand (a cold water-filled glove) and his hair (freshly brushed from a pet dog). As they walked through the woods they found more...A terrible thing seemed to have happened.

Once recovered from the fun of a spooky walk in the woods, cubs enjoyed a ghost story and sing along and a cup of hot chocolate.

Cub Scout Leaders are very creative volunteers. They demonstrated their skills of planning, fun and creativity. This lead to fantastic night of Halloween special effects which captured the imagination of all of the cubs and created a spooky night to remember in a safe environment.