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Cubs @ Oxclose Hit the Farm for a Farmyard Adventure!

posted 9 Nov 2012, 07:35 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:08 by Stephen Harrison ]
Fires, tractor rides and wild cows were on the agenda for Cubs @ Oxclose as they enjoyed an adventurous weekend away in the Lake District! Alongside Farmer Paul, cubs worked extremely hard in helping him with some (rather fun) errands from around the farm including cutting down trees for conservation and then building a fire to burn the wood generated.

It all kicked off with 18 cubs on Friday night, raring to go. As the journey passed, the phone signal dropped and before anyone knew it everyone was smelling all sorts of country smells - everyone knew they were close, despite it being pitch black outside. When we arrived, friday night involved Gemma's legendary hot chocolate and then a 'hotseat challenge' to get everyone settled in.

Saturday morning brought light and views of the surrounding hills which had just been dusted with a fresh cover of snow - it was a postcard perfect scene. Then, off everyone went - led by Farmer Paul - to get into the heart of the woods and to learn about the conservation of the farm. Despite some people ('some people'; leaders) getting stuck, loosing boots in the mud - everyone got right to the heart of the action and then it began - cubs began replenishing a lost hedge creating new homes for animals like field mice to stay protected over the coming winter, and for the wood which was too small to build a hedge - cubs built a fire to burn it all off. Nothing like a fire contrasting against the snow-topped mountains in the background.

If that wasn't enough, Farmer Paul then explained how important to conserve the local woodland was and to demonstrate this, cubs got to see 4 trees being felled in an effort to keep the wildlife in local area under control.

But the fun didn't stop there, Saturday afternoon brought a tour around the farm - looking out for the nesting Osprey, learning how the recent floods affected livestock and riding on the tractor to get the best views of the roaming cows, and the views around us!

Saturday night's plan involved a (well deserved) shower, something from the local chip shop, and a big screen film (popcorn and all).

Again, on Sunday, we arose to more snow topped hills and then off to the local swimming pool we went! Cubs got the opportunity to experience the wave-machine and the slide. Unfortunately, the fun had to end as time had ran out! Nevertheless, cubs are back into their science and space exploration programme! As ever, the photos are online in the photos zone.

The weekend couldn't have been made possible without a dedicated team of both adult and young leaders giving up a weekend of their own time to enable cubs to experience adventure of the very highest calibre. To find out about how rewarding volunteering can be, visit