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Cubs @ Oxclose: Monster Making

posted 23 Mar 2011, 12:18 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:08 by Stephen Harrison ]
This Tuesday Cubs @ Oxclose got creative (and a little bit messy) on a monster making mission.

A special visitor awaited cubs inside the school, armed with nothing more than a few bags of clay, a guitar string and some metal shaped hoop like tools. As the visitor opened the bags of clay, cubs were amazed to find that the clay had hairs in it to help is stick together when it dried. Everyone stood back in awe (even the leaders) at the little bits of nylon hair on a piece of string!

Then, the cubs got a very thorough demonstration on how to create everything from eye's to snake skin! After all of this- cubs were challenged to create some monsters. They were simply told  to be creative and they certainly were! Slowly but surely, monsters with 3 eyes, 4 mouths, horns, snake skin textures and even 'clay hair' started to emerge from the balls of clay.

Finally, as the monsters were receiving their final terrifying features, Cubs were challenged to take their creations a step further by decorating their monsters at home. We look forward to parents evening when our cubs bring down their efforts and we will be awarding a prize for the best. All of the photos from tonight can be viewed in the photos zone.

Creative challenge is part of Cubs' balanced programme and gives our young people opportunities to express themselves through drama, singing, art and crafts. Find out more about our current programme.