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Cubs: Adventure in the Capital

posted 9 Nov 2013, 03:12 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 23:18 ]
Cubs enjoyed an amazing weekend adventure taking in all of the sights of London, packing everything they could into a single weekend.

Early on Friday, there was excitement in the air as cubs boarded the coach ready to head down the motorway to the big city. Around 5pm we arrived at our accommodation at Holland Park Youth Hostel for a quick turn-around before heading out to see some of the famous London sites by night.

First outing in London was a whistle stop night walk from Buckingham Palace, where they could see the Queen’s guards on duty, Trafalgar Square where scouts admired the fountains and the blue cockerel. We then continued towards Whitehall passing the gates to Downing Street, concluding the journey by walking past The Houses of Parliament and near the London Eye, which was lit up in a vast array of colours.

The next morning brought more energy and excitement. Following breakfast, we were back on the bus headed for the Science Museum, where we headed straight up to ‘Launchpad’. Launchpad is an amazing hands on area of the science museums where cubs could try lots of experiments for themselves. There was dry ice, a shadow wall, some interesting ways of hearing music, and a huge echo tunnel! The science didn't stop there as we experienced one of the Science Museum's famous shows.

Next up was the Natural History Museum, the museum is infamous for it’s huge displays did not disappointas cubs headed through the giant globe passing through the entrance 20ft up on the escalator. Up on the third floor, cubs experienced interactive dsemonstrations of how the earth was shaped, saw some of the weird and wonderful creatures which inhabited the earth years before the man and found about about how diverse creepy crawlies are across the globe.

After an incredible day at the museums, it was time for tea, then off to the West End. Charlie did not disappoint, we were high up in the theatre, looking down on all of the action. The songs were fantastic and the way they told the story with ingenious special effects, including the way the Oompa Loompas were potrayed on stage was brilliant. The musical was heart warming and the reveal at the end left cubs hoping a guardian was watching over them.

Cubs were full of energy again on Sunday morning for a coach tour of the city, we stopped at Buckingham House again to see the horse guard pass by, were treated to views of the Thames, crossed Tower Bridge and saw the Shard and Canary Wharf before arriving at the London Eye.

The Eye was definately a highlight of the weekend as we waited, there was a buzz among cubs, and in less than 10 minutes we were boarding the carriages to be taken high above the Thames for soon more spectacular views of the City. Over the next 30 minutes, cubs were able to take in Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Heading back up the motorway after the fantastic weekend, the coaches were alive with cubs singing (and some seated dancing), bingo and chatter. It felt like no sooner had the weekend begun, it was over! Cubs had an amazing time exploring the streets of London, and, we’ve already been asked if the trip will be running again next year.

Photos are now online in the photos zone.

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