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Celebrating the Achievements of Our Young People

posted 29 Nov 2012, 09:20 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:09 ]
We're proud that our scouts are not just members of our group, but are valuable members of the local community and we're looking to celebrate achievement both in and outside of scouts.

Jordan who is not only a scout at Oxclose, enjoys taking part in loads of activities, including conquering the scary via Ferrata in France this year is also highly skilled in Maths.

Last year, his school entered him for the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge, (only the top 3% achievers in maths from the school are entered into this competition). The top 40% of the participants in the competition are awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates depending on their results.

Jordan did exceptionally well receiving a Silver Award for this Challenge. He is very talented at maths and at age 14 is already studying an extra higher level exam, AS Level Maths (between GCSE and A-Level) in addition to his GCSE's in his own time after school.

These Mathematical skills mean Jordan is very valuable in his patrol for his ability as a navigator and problem solver.

Each week, young people are faced with dilemmas and problems on a daily basis. Through scouting they can develop better understanding of their values and be more confident in exploring their own beliefs.Young people at Scouts learn to work in different groups, identifying the skills and attitudes needed to work with others. In doing so, scouts build their knowledge in key areas such as team building, this helps young people to adapt to situations they encounter when outside of Scouts.