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Beavers: We've Got The Buzz!

posted 20 Mar 2011, 13:34 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
This weekend our youngest section enjoyed their first night away of the year. This weekend's 'Pixar Sleepover' was packed with adventure, creativity and fun as beavers followed in the footsteps of Russell, the Scout from the film 'Up' and earned themselves loads of different badges across the weekend.

Beavers were so excited as they arrived for the sleepover early on Saturday and the excitement continued throughout the day as they took part in lots of fun activities including making Francis the Ladybird from Bug's Life, and designing their own nightmare monster from Monsters Inc.

Other activities included Dory's Dodge, crossing Shrek's Swamp, the Jellyfish game and Scalextric racing, not to mention getting very very chocolatey making muffins for the afternoon snack.

The young girls and boys were challenged to think about the environment and encouraged to recycle as part of 'Wall-E's Recycling Challenge'.

Parents and families can check out the photographs from an exciting weekend in our secure online photo gallery.

Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of our Scout Group. Nights Away are a key feature of the whole group's programme and beavers provide the first chance for a young person to spend a night away from home. Find out more about Beavers in Washington