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Beavers @ St Andrews: Going for Gold

posted 17 May 2012, 13:26 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Beaver celebrates gold success
Climbing trees, building dens and winning medals were the highlights for an excited bunch of beavers as they enjoyed an awesome sleepover weekend at Fatfield Scout HQ. Everyone was on track for a great time as they joined up with another colony from Waldridge.

Beavers competed the games in 4 teams; Zeus’s Heroes, Hera’s Warriors, Athena’s Soldiers and Poseidon’s Captains which had beavers from both colonies. Each team had a standard to hang their medals on, which were awarded at the end of every event, just as in ancient Greece.

The games were all crazy and completely different - shelter building, making sailing boats for a regatta, a scavenger hunt, a dance competition for the best shuffling, leaky buckets and water balloon volleyball were all great fun. Beavers got the chance to soak their leaders, good job it was sunny and warm for this fun packed weekend.

On Saturday night beavers sang songs and toasted marshmallows around the campfire then watched Disney’s Hercules on the big screen with sausage in a bun and hot chocolate for supper before bedding down very tired, in tents inside the scout hut. Sunday’s packed programme was interrupted (in a good way!) by a roast chicken dinner with a rice pudding desert. Before beavers were returned to their parents, each received a Gold Medal for taking part in the Beaver Olympics Sleepover.

For some of our beavers, the biggest adventure was spending their first night away from home, a brand new experience and hopefully the first of many camps as a young person in the group.

Huge thanks to all of the leader team who helped to make the weekend a huge success, particularly our new friends from Waldridge. Photos are now online in our gallery and more images will follow soon.

Beavers are the youngest section of the scout group and Beaver Scouts are young people aged 6-8. Beaver scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, dressing up, going on visits and helping others. Find out more about beavers at 3rd Washington.