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Beavers @ St Andrews: Hoist the Black Flag and Set Sail

posted 7 Oct 2012, 14:17 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Ahoy me hearties! Buccaneer beavers from 3rd Washington have been spent a fantastic weekend making new friends at a joint sleepover with young people from 1st Washington.

Seadog Eddie and his team had spent the week building an incredible pirate ship named the Black Beaver in the garden of the Scout HQ. The ship spent much of the weekend under broadside attack by beavers with cannons.

Beavers (all in their best swashbuckling outfits) enjoyed walking the plank, sinking the ship and proved themselves to be no landlubbers!

There were also plenty of craft activities too as beavers made pirate ships of their own and a parrot for their shoulder. To wrap up the weekend, beavers enjoyed pieces of eight, a treasure hunt with rich rewards of dubloons when they found the hidden chest.

Photos from the event will soon be online in the photos zone. Read more about Beavers @ St Andrews programme by downloading it here.

The success of beavers' pirate weekend was down to the support of many volunteers, from the parent helpers who volunteered to give a few hours over the weekend cooking and supporting to the leader team who gave their time to build the Black Beaver pirate ship through the week. Find out more about volunteering at