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Beavers @ St Andrews: Beavers Have Talent

posted 6 Feb 2012, 12:23 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Beaver plays guitar
Beavers band performs for the first time
There was an air of anticipation at beavers this week as they lined up hoping to show off their star qualities in a music and dancing extravaganza.

Our very own Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell took their places at the front, hoping to spot the next big thing. Kingfisher played the roles of Ant and Dec throughout the night and kept the crowds cheering.

Beavers performed as individuals and as groups, bringing together an array of instruments and sounds as well as those with rhythm showing off some moves on the dance floor. After a night of huge fun, we can confirm that beavers have talent.

Beavers will be showing off their talents at the next parents night and finished the night by practicing the song they will be performing.

From the beavers through to the scout section, our balanced programme helps our young people to develop confidence as individuals and as part of a group. Find out more about beaver scouts at 3rd Washington.