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Beavers @ St Andrews: All Washed Up

posted 20 May 2012, 12:15 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:12 ]
Beavers learned about staying healthy
Who would have thought that healthy food could taste so good? This week, beavers had a great time whipping up some yummy snacks.

Before starting with snacks, it was really important for beavers to make sure that they were hygienic, they learned a little about bacteria and the importance of washing your hands before showing that they were very thorough at the kitchen sink.

Beavers peel bananas for a healthy snack
Next we got busy preparing the healthy snack, chopping up bananas, slicing, apples, peeling oranges and washing the grapes. Not surprisingly all or the bowls were empty at the end of the night.

All beavers love games, so it wouldn't be right not to finish the night with one, so we played a quick game of sleeping lions.

Beavers at St Andrews are currently working towards the fitness challenge badge, which encourages young people to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles. Find out more about beavers at 3rd Washington.