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Beavers: Spend a 'Knight' in da Hood!

posted 19 Jun 2010, 10:55 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 by Stephen Harrison ]
Tonight, Beavers are spending a themed night at their sleepover 'in da hood'. Following an action packed day dressed in gear more suited to Sherwood Forest, Beavers tucked into to a hearty balanced feast of cooked meats, jacket potatoes, fruits and salad...squirty cream was a big favourite!

During the event, Beavers tried out some mock jousting, real archery with Brenda (one of our District Explorer Scout Leaders) and prepared for their special camp fire ahead of the big screen film.......Robin Hood!

Look out for the full story in words and pictures coming soon online.

Beaver Scouts are 3rd Washington's youngest section with boys and girls aged 6-8 years old. Their sleepover event is run by their section leaders and supported by members of our Group Executive and Parent helpers who support the catering at the sleepover.