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Beavers: Prehistoric Adventure @ The Great North Museum

posted 19 May 2010, 01:46 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Last weekend Beavers went back in time to find out about dinosaurs, the anglo saxons and the eqyptians at the Great North Museum. We had so much interest from beavers that we had do it twice so that everyone could join in. The Great North Museum has recently had a massive revamp and had many new and exciting exhibitions.

The Beaver Colony had two great days out, they explored the museum from beginning to end, starting with the living planet gallery with fish, birds, reptiles and mammals from all over the world’s different habitats including a giant Japanese spider crab. Beavers were in awe at the hundreds of creatures on display and got to handled a live newt as part of the exhibition. Beavers also saw a full size model of an elephant and were amazed at the size of the model great white shark.

Beavers then got the chance to go back to a time before man, to a land ruled by the dinosaur where they had their photo taken with 'REX' recreating their own night at the museum. Rex is a lifesize T-Rex dinosaur skeleton. You would want to meet one of those at camp would you? Fortunately for us, it is though that dinosaurs were extinct before man came to earth. Beavers found spectacular and colourful crystals, gems, fossils and dinosaurs from millions of years ago to see.

Moving through forward through time, beavers visited Anglo Saxon, Roman, Ancient Greek and Egyptian exhibitions. In the Underworld, they saw Mummies and a replica of Tutankhamen’s death mask.In the Hadrian’s Wall exhibit beavers explored local history and saw what it would be like to live as a Roman guard on Hadrians wall. Beavers left their names on the wall creating their own piece of history.

For both groups, all this time travelling resulted in many hungry beavers, so a picnic in the park was the icing on cake for two brilliant days out for beavers...

Saturday’s group visited Saltwell Park for a picnic in the sunshine, fed squirrels, watched peacocks displaying their colourful feathers, climbed trees and were very puzzled in the maze.

Sunday’s group visited Jesmond Dene and had their own adventure walking through the Victorian Park, with its stream, waterfalls, old mill house and water wheel. The park's many wooden and stone bridges were perfect for a classic game of “poo sticks” and everyone had a great time despite occassionally having to shelter from the rain. One thing is for sure you can always count on kingfisher to have a song - 'singing in the rain' could not have been more appropriate.

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