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Beavers @ Oxclose: I'm a Beaver Scout Get Me Out of Here

posted 14 Jul 2012, 12:58 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Beaver scouts enjoy parachute gamesBeaver scouts enjoy craftsMaking friends, having fun, getting messy and being outdoors is everything a beaver could want in a sleepover.

This weekend, beavers from Oxclose have been spending their first nights away as members of our new colony.

The weekend's theme was 'I'm a beaver get me out of here' and as beavers arrived, they were greeted by a jungle scene at Fatfield Scout HQ. Face painted up to show whether they were part of the lions, zebras or crocodile teams, beavers were ready to start activities. 

Beavers had loads of fun running about outdoors, finding treasure in the woods, playing parachute games on the grass and chasing after each other throughout the day, before they began the bush tucker trials.

Squidgy, slimy and gooey. you wouldn't want to put your hand in the box! But our beavers did, all in the hunt of some gold coins and points for their team, fortunately it was just beans and rice pudding, but it's feels terrible when you can't see in the box. Next followed a water fight, it started as a sensible game until the leaders got involved...

It wasn't all running about, beavers had the chance to get creative, making scary jungle spiders, plenty of messy painting and have made pictures for the weekend scrap book - great fun!

This evening, families joined in, arriving at 7pm for the camp fire where we taught everyone some new songs. Huge thanks to everyone who came down to show their support, we hope you enjoyed the sing-song!

To finish the evening, hot chocolate and a film, although I'm not sure all of our beavers lasted to the end. The new experience, the excitement of exploring a new place and the many fantastic activities certainly wore them out.

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