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Beavers: Architects of the Future?

posted 16 Oct 2011, 12:59 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:10 ]
Beavers create Lego models on an Olympic theme
This weekend Beavers from 3rd Washington joined colonies from around the District to compete in the HLS District Beaver Lego Competition.

Our team of 4 made up of Alex, Sophie, Thomas and Dominic, who has recently joined the colony, put in a fantastic effort winning the event overall.
The theme of the event was the Olympics and our Beavers took up the challenge with energy, building everything you could need for next years Olympic games in London. Set out in minature, there was the stadium with track, seating for the crowd, hurdles for the runners, a podium for the winners, the Olympic torch, the Olympic swimming pool as well as a canoe and yacht on the Olympic lake, what more could you need?

It's fair to say it was a fun filled day and we had some great competition with other the other 3 teams coming up with some very exciting and imaginative models of their own.

The Beaver Scouts Lego competition is just one of a number of activities which encourage Beaver Scouts to be creative and is part of a balanced programme of events across the year.