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BALTIC Zip Wire 2013 - Fundraising Spectacular

posted 30 Jun 2013, 08:15 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 23:16 ]
Beaver parent on the BALTIC Zip Wire
There's fewer more exciting ways to fundraise than by throwing yourself off one of the area's tallest landmarks all in the aid of a really great cause. That's what 12 brave volunteers did this weekend toraise money for the scout group and to have a fantastic experience.

As you can see by the pictures, it's truly terrifying when you let go 140 feet above the Tyne and let the zip wire quickly take you on your way to the other side.

The event at the BALTIC Flour Mill showed how scouting offers adventure to adults as well as young people as we roped in parents and supporters to help us raise money for new camping equipment. Amazing, terrifying, thrilling, and exhilarating, were just some of the words used describe the event.

It took just 20 seconds each for the twelve leaders, parents of young people and supporters to fly from the top of the BALTIC over the Tyne, to the Quayside below. To put it into perspective, that’s nearly 4 times the height of Moor House’s climbing wall or the height of 10 double-decker buses stacked one on top of the other. On the way down, the zip wire hits speeds of 25 to 30 miles per hour.

Participants have been working hard to gain sponsorship and collectively it looks like they've raised around £1,500 which is a massive total. We're hugely grateful to everyone who participated, our thanks go to Amanda and John Dunbar, Kelly Bentham, Danni Sims, Chris Turnbull, Shaun Palmer, Malcolm Allinson, Vicki Hickmott, Judith Wood, Stephen Melia, Dionne Smith and Sarah Short as well as everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to support at the bottom on the Quayside.

One of the biggest successes of the event is the way it brings together adults from across the group and every year new volunteers come forward to support the group and the event for the first time. We're already planning to do it again next year and we're also on the look out for alternative sponsored events to do. If you're inspired by our photos and the story of the event please contact and when we start to plan, you'll get a copy of the event details.

There's still time to sponsor one of the group by using our online giving page at

Fundraising for the group is just one of the ways you can volunteer flexibly at 3rd Washington Scouts, if you have some time to spare, no matter how small, contact us about volunteering or find out more about at and help support the group to provide adventure to young people in the North and West of Washington.