3rd Washington Scouts Anti-bullying Code

1. We have respect for everyone as individuals.
2. We take bullying very seriously.
3. We don't accept any bullying behaviour of any type.
4. We do report any bullying we see.
5. We take someone seriously if they tell us they are being bullied.
6. We make sure something is done about it.

Need to talk?

If you feel you need to report something, let us know. We will deal with any reports in confidence.

How Can I Help?

You can make a difference by keeping an eye our for the signs of bullying.

If you think someone is being bullied, let an adult know. Be a friend to them and encourage them with the activities they are doing.

What Is Bullying

Bullying is delibrately hurtful behaviour that may be repeated over a period of time.

Bullying can be one of a number of things:
  • Being called names
  • Being teased
  • Having possessions taken
  • Being hit, kicked or pushed
  • Receiving abusive or threatening emails or text messages
  • Being ignored or left out
  • Being attacked because of religion, gender, sexuality, disbility or appearance.
At times it can be a thin line between good natured banter and bullying.

How do I Recognise the Signs?

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot especially if it happens outside of the group. Be aware of members who show any of the following signs.
  • they hesitate coming to meetings or activities
  • they ask to change groups or patrols
  • they are the last to get picked for a team for no apparent reason
  • a member who is often the target of jokes
  • has clothing or possessions go missing
  • has bruising or another injury
  • is usually quiet but becomes suddenly prone to lashing out at people