Thanks to all of our Supporters

Loads of you have supported us over the last few years and together have raised over £1,000 through the website for the group.

The funding raised helps 3rd Washington to purchase new equipment, to support our active programme and to help ensure that the group can make scouting accessible to as many young people as possible in Washington.

Best Donations on the Site
Donations range from 0.5% to a whopping £50 and most of the big high street and internet stores make donations including Amazon (2.5%), Currys (1%), M&S (5%), PC World (1%) and Carphone Warehouse (£20).
It's also possible to earn donations from purchasing insurance (Direct line give £35), applying for a credit card or booking some travel or a holiday.

How to Sign Up

1) Before you shop online, sign up via

2) Register for with the site and choose to support 3rd Washington Scouts

3) Every time you shop online, see if your the site you are using is registered with There are 2000+ shops registered.

4) If it is - see what percentage they donate, click the link and shop as normal, a percentage of what you spend will be donated.
Scout on grass at Easter Camp

5) Please tell all your friends and family and ask them to support us too. If you would like more details on how the website works, has a how it works page with more info
6) If another charity signs up using our link we earn 20% of whatever they raise too at no cost to them, so please pass our link on to other organisations.

Please download our letter to share with friends and family.
Stephen Harrison,
21 Jan 2013, 13:28