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Why We Fundraise

3rd Washington Scouts is a charity and therefore needs funding to help it grow and develop.

The group provides unique benefits to its members, these can be best described as having fun, building good relationships and taking part in activities.

We offer opportunities to contribute to the local community
and our young people significantly improve their life chances.

You're not just paying for a tent, you're funding a future.

Sponsored Events

Our fundraising has been hugely successful so far and we've raised over £1,500 over the course of four years using the site. D
onations made by the site can vary from 1% of a total order to £40 for a new mobile phone contract. There's more detail on how the site works on our Easyfundraising page as well as some of the biggest donations we've spotted too.

If you shop online, please register and we will be able to receive a proportion of the advertising revenue when you shop online via Easyfundraising's link. It won't cost you a penny and once you've clicked Easyfundraising's link, you'll be able to shop as normal.

We can also benefit if another charity signs up using our link too (at no cost to their own fundraising efforts we would earn 20% of their total.)

Please share this link with friends, family and colleagues. One of the leaders shared our link with the team who organise travel at work and we've benefited £150 as a result. It would be great if you could do the same.
Stephen Harrison,
9 Nov 2013, 02:36