About France 2017 Friends Camp

 14th - 16th July
Where: Dilston Scout Campsite

 14 July @ 6pm Oxc. Church
Return: 16 July @ 3pm Oxc. Church

Uniform to camp

 Usual camp kit 
Bring: Casual clothes to go into town


Ben Henderson (Young Leader)

Adult Leader in Charge:
Carl Hickman
Transport: Minibus

Cost: £20 (to be paid in advance)

What will we do?

As young people running our own camp, we get to choose our own activities, this could include loads of cool things like:-
  • Cooking together as a big group
  • Morning Jogs
  • Going into town
  • Playing games with friends
  • Telling scary stories in the dark
Why this camp is happening?

All of the young people coming to this camp are explorers scouts or older scouts who have become friends from France 2017 have decided to run our own camp. 

A leader will drop us off and help us set up our camp, do a camp checkup on Saturday evening and drive us home on Sunday afternoon. The rest of the time, the young people at the camp will make their own food and lead their own activities. 

This event is being run using an event passport. This means that adult leaders oversee the event's planning, setup and operation but do not camp with young people. Parents should be assured that the young people organising the event have the necessary skills to manage the camp safely. Our adult team will visit the camp at least once over the weekend and other adults will be present on the campsite. 

France 2017 Friends Camp