Group Executive
The group is a registered charity and is managed by an active Executive Committee who manage the maintenance of the group's equipment and property, raise funds and administer the group's finances, insurance and support the group's leader team. The committee is deemed to be quorate for decision making purposes, if 50% of members attend (including the GSL or chair and at least one section leader). 

The Group Scout Council meets annually. The last meeting was in September 2017. Our most recent annual report and accounts can be found here.

Meetings 2017-2018

Thursday 26th April
Agenda | Minutes ¦ minibus options ¦ 

Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 25th January 

Monday 27th November
Agenda | Minutes ¦ 

Wednesday 11th October 7.30pm

Meetings 2016-2017

Thursday 4th May 7.30pm

Thursday 3rd March 7.30pm
Agenda | Minutes ¦ 

Thursday 19th January 7.30pm
Agenda | Minutes ¦ 

Thursday 17th November 7.30pm

Thursday 14th September 7.30pm

Meetings 2015-2016

Thursday 24th September 7.30pm
Agenda | Minutes | SWOC Document

Thursday 12th November 7.00pm

Thursday 4th February 7.00pm

Thursday 14th April 7.00pm
Agenda | Minutes

Thursday 23rd June 7.00pm

Group AGM 2016 - Sunday 10th July 2016 1pm

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Our Trustees 


Helen Reed (2015)

Amy Falcus (2017)

Angela Delamaine

Nominated Members
Andrew Turnbull (2010)
Kirstie Mason-Carr (2010)
Jack Fletcher (<25 rep)

Elected Members   
Glenda Moore (2005)
Alison Nicholson (2015)
John Dunbar (2015)

Co-opted Members

Ex-Officio Members
Jonathan Chicken
Eddie Wright
Nicola Fell
Craig Johnson
Gemma Younghusband
Carl Hickman
Stephen Harrison