Below are some questions/ information about everything from activities to money.

See what we do!

Come along for the day!
Families are welcome to join us on site for the day on Wednesday 24th July for a day of gladiator inflatable battles!

Families are welcome to join us on site between 10.30am and 7.00pm and are welcome to stay for as long/ short as you'd like. We'll be providing lunch and be in the midst of a gladiator inflatable battle!


Do I need anything specific?
We spend most of our time outdoors. The only three specific pieces of equipment which you need are:
  • A waterproof jacket
  • A pair of hiking boots or wellies
  • Wet shoes with covered toes
A waterproof jacket is essential. A fully waterproof pac-a-mac is better than a semi-waterproof designer jacket!

Boots/ wellies are essential. Every morning the grass is wet and if it rains, the grass becomes very wet. It's important that you have footwear to keep your feet dry to avoid blisters and sores!

An extra pair of shoes to get wet/ wet shoes are essential. We often plodge in the river on site which young people will need shoes for. The shoes should cover your toes as How-Stean Gorge won't allow young people with open shoes (e.g. flip flops/ sandals) to partake.

Don't forget our upcycle exchange if you're in need of these two things.

Packing your kit - some tips.
  1. Try and pack everything into one bag. It's much easier to manage than lots of carrier bags/ smaller bags hanging off each other!
  2. Young people should pack their kit. This means scouts know where everything is in their bag.


Do I need/ how much spending money?
During the week, young people will have the opportunity to spend money in the following places:
  • in Grassington (a small village on the 'ice cream trail' activity)
  • in Ilkley (a town we visit before Ilkley Lido/ town visit)
  • at Lightwater Valley (when we visit for our theme park day)
Spending money is optional and isn't required. £30 should be more than enough to spend between these three places plus our tuck shop! See below for camp bank info.

Camp bank - how does it work?!
Whilst in camp, we operate a cashless system to help young people manage their money whilst in camp. All money should be paid in before camp.
  • Before camp, you can pay in additional money to the same account you pay the £199 fee. 
  • The additional money becomes the young person's 'balance'.
  • Young people have opportunities to withdraw money from their balance before an activity.
  • Our nightly tuck shop also works from the young person's balance.
  • At the end of the camp, we'll pay any surplus balance left to you.
See a worked example below:

Before camp...
  • You pay a £50 deposit on 19th May
  • You pay £100 on 10th June
  • You pay £79 on 1st July
You’ve paid a total of £229.

This covers the £199 camp fee and the remaining £30 will be automatically added to the young person’s camp bank balance.

Whilst in camp...
  • The scout withdraws £5 on Tuesday to spend at Grassington
  • The scout withdraws £10 on Friday to spend in Ilkley
  • The scout spends a total of £7.50 at the tuck shop across the week

The total withdrawn across the week is £22.50.
This leaves a balance of £7.50 in balance (£30 - £5 - £10 - £7.50).

After camp...
  • We transfer you the £7.50 remaining balance.