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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Do scouts need any special equipment?

Sleeping bag, roll mat, waterproofs and some boots are the only special equipment scouts need. The camp kit list contains full details of what's needed.
We can help with finding good quality pre-owned ones; or have some funds to help families that meet certain criteria buy some new ones. 

Do scouts need spending money?

There will be opportunities for scouts to spend money in our tuck shop and buy some souvenirs in town on the Friday of camp. Some scouts choose to buy extras at Lightwater Valley, but please note that we provide food and drink every day of camp. We operate a cashless system and ask scouts to pay into our camp bank ahead of the event. £20 is more than enough. 

Mobile phones

It is highly likely that scouts will have a phone signal while in camp, so please discuss mobile phone use with your child. Mobile phones can be a hindrance during activities and we want to minimise unnecessary phone calls home which may cause worry to parents and carers. If there is an issue in camp, leaders can usually resolve it and in the unlikely event that there is a need to call home, leaders will do so.