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Explorers’ patrol camp 2019

Key information
  • 21st to the 23rd of June.
  • Drop-off @ 17:45 (please don't be any earlier!!)
    • St Andrews Church Car Park, Concord
  • Pick-up @ 15:30 (this is an estimated time)
    • St Andrews Church Car Park, Concord
  • We're camping at Dilston Scout Camp, near Hexham
  • The full cost is £20 per person
  • Camp leader: Owen Lang
  • Leader in charge: Jack Fletcher

What will we do?
As young people, we are able to chose our own activities for this camp. Here's a list of some of the activities we will be taking part in as a patrol: 
  • Hiking
  • Camp fires
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Visiting the local heritage
  • Cards and outdoor games
Who is it for?
After Alpine Adventure, Explorers from across Houghton-Le-Spring in group 6 and 7 are camping in a more chilled out, outdoor environment. This camp will have the same laughs and friends from France, with emphasis on what the Explorers enjoyed at Alpine Adventure. 

This camp is only open to explorers that attended the Alpine Adventure 2019 and who were in either Group 6 or 7. 

Independence. Skills for life.
Patrol camping is built on independence. Explorers have the opportunity to use their years of experience to lead their own adventure, supervised remotely by adults.

Patrol camp means a patrol of young people take the lead to plan, lead and run a camp. Adults work with young people before camp to make sure our usual high standards of safety, adventure and preparation are kept.

Whilst away, adults visit the site periodically but don’t camp on site with young people. The camp leader is in charge, keeping in contact with the leader in charge at all times.

It’s an opportunity like no other to put years of experience to the test with good friends in a controlled environment.