DofE Gold
Your DofE Gold Award!
Your Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award is the top DofE award! Your Gold Award is the equivalent of the Queen's Scout Award, which you'll achieve too and is the highest award any young person can achieve.

There are three levels to the award; Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Chief Scouts' Platinum Award
Each has slightly different requirements. This page has been written for the Gold Award. To see the requirements of the other awards, click here.

You'll have to complete five sections of the award; PhysicalSkillsExpeditionVolunteering and Residential. You can choose what you want to do within these five sections (see the matrix below).

Completing your award
So, you've signed up - well done! This page will walk you through how to complete your award.
  1. You'll receive a welcome email. You're provisionally enrolled.
  2. Pay your deposit to confirm your place. For gold, your deposit is £27.
    1. When you achieve your award, you'll receive this deposit back.
  3. Your group leader will email you to say hello and arrange to meet you with the rest of your group.
  4. When your group leader emails you, they'll send you lots of ideas for the PhysicalSkills, and Volunteering sections of your award. You must choose an activity in each.
  5. Attend your group's meeting. You'll sign into our online system (eDofE) for the first time.
  6. From then on, you'll get invites to your groups meeting. These meetings are designed to support you and check-up on your progress! Before you know it, you'll have your award!
    1. You have to upload evidence that you're working towards your award on to eDofE. Check out this guide to uploading evidence.
  7. When you achieve your award, you'll be refunded your deposit and you'll achieve both the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award and your Queen's Scout Award! Good on you!
I have some questions!
Don't worry - we know it can be a complicated business this DofE stuff. Your group leader is on hand to help, or you can speak to any other group leader for support.
Physical Challenge
Skills Challenge
Expedition Challenge
Volunteering Challenge
Through the Physical section you should achieve a greater physical fitness through participation and improvement in physical activity over a period of time.  The Skills section is all about developing practical and social skills and personal interests. Take up a skill and develop it over a period of time. Achieving your Award is an adventure from beginning to end and this section can give you some of your most memorable experiences! Volunteering is all about making a difference to other people's lives. You'll have to time out to change things for the better can be great fun.
12 months 12 months  4 days; 3 nights  12 months
You should choose a sport in one of the following areas:
Physical Examples

You should choose a skill in one of the following areas:
Skills Examples

Your expedition will have a theme; plan it and then do it. It will take place in wild country.
Expedition Challenge

You'll volunteer with an organisation, some ideas include:
Voluntary Examples

5 days; 4 nights
Your residential is special. It's 5 days, 4 nights and sets the DofE Gold award above the rest. You have the opportunity to spend time in an unfamiliar environment, with unfamiliar people. By doing this, you'll gain a real sense of purpose and have an amazing experience along the way!

Residential examples

If you haven't completed your Bronze or Silver award, you must choose one of your PhysicalSkills or Volunteering sections to be 18 months long.