We know the awards can sometimes be challenging, but below are a list of FAQs to try and answer your questions.

How do I pay?
You pay a deposit (£21 for bronze and silver; £27 for gold). Payment details are below. By paying, this confirms your DofE place.
  • Account number: XXXXXXX
  • Sort code: XX-XX-XX
  • Ref: [Child's first name] - DofE
How do I start my award?
Contact, or speak to, one of our leaders. Or, you can email dofe@3rdwashingtonscouts.org.uk for more info.

How do I upload evidence to eDofE?

What counts as evidence?
Something which can prove that you're making progress towards your aim is evidence.

In physical, this could be screenshots of runs on an app; a graph showing the weights you can now lift (verified by your assessor) or a qualification (such as a belt colour/ grade) that you've achieved. You should be able to show that you've averaged 1 hour per week of your physical activity.

In skills, this could be the product that you've produced; a photo of the various food that you've made or photos of you developing your skill. These should be uploaded frequently (at least every 2 weeks, ideally weekly).

In volunteering, this could be photos of your weekly activities; a copy of the programme/ activities that you've been involved with or something that proves that you have attended (e.g. a certificate/ award). These should be uploaded frequently (at least every 2 weeks, ideally weekly) to show you've averaged 1 hour per week of your physical activity.

How often should I upload evidence?
As frequently as possible - see above for each 

Remember, you need to prove that you've been doing each section for these time scales (at least):

Physical - 1hr/ week
Skills - ~1hr/ week
Volunteering - 1hr/ week

What are my eDofE login details?
Email dofe@3rdwashingtonscouts.org.uk if you have forgotten these. Usually it's in this format:


Your password should be Explorers1

Can I start at silver/ gold?
Yes. The expectations of you are higher at silver and gold levels. You also can't go back once you're enrolled (i.e. you can't return to bronze)!

Bronze often takes only a short amount of time so we'd recommend everyone starts at bronze level.

I'm struggling to find activities!
Try these three:
  • Physical section ideas
  • Skills section ideas
  • Volunteering section ideas

What's the difference between DofE and Chief/ Queen's Scout awards?

Who is our operating authority?
Our DofE Centre is 3rd Washington Scouts. Our operating authority is Houghton-le-Spring scouts.

Can I complete some of this with school?
Yes. You can complete any part of your award anywhere. It'd be useful for you to share your eDofE number with us so we can let your school know of any changes.

You can be registered at a school and complete your expedition with us, or complete a volunteering placement with us as a Young Leader. Please let us know if you're registered elsewhere!