Information Technology Stage 2
To earn Information Technology - Stage 2 complete section 1 and choose 4 activities from section 2. 
1) Complete the answers to the following questions

2) Complete four of the following activities.
1) Access the Internet safely, and find out as much as you can about something that interests you.
2) Use a digital camera to take some digital photographs and use a piece of software to enhance or alter the original photographs. Google Picasa is an example of free software you can use to complete this activity.
3) Use a piece of software of your choice to produce a set of matching stationery for an event. For example make a birthday card, place card, set of invitations and a poster for a birthday party.
4) Use a piece of simulation software and explain what they learnt from it.
5) Produce a series of newsletters for their Section over a three-month period.
6) Produce a simple pictogram or graph of something of interest to you.
When you have completed the activities email them to with the help of an adult.