Survival Details:
Equipment Needed: Dress to be outdoors, bring a pen knife on 3rd July if you have one.

Meeting Locations:-
  • 3rd July - Oxclose Primary School
  • 10th July - Fatfield Scout HQ, Duxbury Park (NE38 8BJ - click here)


You'll spend the 2 weeks of survival badge learning to be like Bear Grylls, this will include being able to deal with some survival first aid situations, being able to build a fire, find edible food in the wild, build a shelter and filter water.

Requirements to Participate:

Scouts must also be available to attend an overnight sleep out.

Overnight Sleep Out Info:

  • Meet: 14th July - Fatfield Scout HQ (NE38 8BJ - click here) - 6:30pm
  • Finish: 15th July - Fatfield Scout HQ (NE38 8BJ - click here) - 11:00am
  • Leader in Charge: Christine Willcock (07741 473 221)

Scouts should arrive wearing
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather
  • Strong shoes; preferably hiking boots

Scouts should bring, in an overnight bag
  • Waterproofs - a waterproof coat is a must, waterproof trousers are recommended
  • Additional layers - some extra clothes to wear if the weather isn't very good, for example a thin jumper and hoody
  • Sleeping bag
  • Change of clothes
  • Washkit and towel
  • Torch
We recommend that scouts do not bring anything of value as they will be responsible for looking after it for the night. We also ask that scouts are considerate of mobile phone usage, leaders will brief scouts about what to do in an emergency situation.