Providing Opportunities for Young People

3rd Washington Scouts aims to promote citizenship through adventure and provides a unique package of interrelated benefits for its participants. These can be defined as having fun, building good relationships, taking part in activities as well as the opportunity to contribute to the community and improve life chances. We offer a new adventure every week and this is the vehicle that we use to develop citizenship.

Our goal is to offer our young people opportunities to learn through doing and this philosophy is supported through the balanced programme we offer. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can expect to experience a range of activities which challenge to them to work with others, to develop their role as a member of the local community and to explore their beliefs and the beliefs of others.

At 3rd Washington, our Beavers can experience their first nights away from home at a beaver sleepover, our Cubs enjoy a wide and rich programme which gets them outdoors as often as possible and our Scouts have the opportunity to experience an international adventure annually as well as camping throughout the year. Find out more about joining for young people.

Providing Opportunities for Adults

As an adult Scouting at 3rd Washington, you can develop skills and attributes which are in demand by many employers and community organisations. Many employers have an awareness of Scouting and recognise it's benefits.

A recent national study found that that just over a third (34%) of organisations reported that they were aware of people in their organisation that had been involved in Scouting. More importantly 41% said that a job applicant’s involvement in Scouting would positively influence their decision to recruit them.

Scouting attributes such as respect for others, friendships,teamwork, character building and personal development are very important attributes to employers and through Scouting, it's possible to demonstrate such soft skills. Find out about joining our successful team.