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Cubs Bounce at the Beach

Our site uses cookies in order to allow us to count how many visitors each page receives, how many times a user comes back and the route that users take around our site. Usage statistics are tracked anonymously.

Cookies are also used to authenticate users to our photos zone, our website tracks active Google Account sessions to log you in to the Gallery. No Google account information is shared with 3rd Washington Scouts.

3rd Washington's website is built upon the Google Sites and Google Scripts platforms. The site design has changed a few times over the last few years as we've worked to use new sites features and to improve the way users can access the site.

The majority of the imagery on the site are images taken by the group and represent the fact that the scout group is incredibly active, offering a huge number of adventures to young people and adult volunteers in Washington.

We've developed a number of Google Scripts, which we are able to share for a small donation, including a join system that sends an auto response email, a booking system which updates the places remaining on an event to the site and automatically closes once places are full as well as an admission form that collects the details of all new members for our online membership database.

Supporting Others

3rd Washington support a number of other groups and districts with their online presence, links can be found to the left of some of the sites we support.

Contact Us

You can contact the team behind the website by emailing web@3rdwashingtonscouts.org.uk, we're happy to talk about how we built the site and our content.